How to get your team involve in your new ISO 37001 ABMS

How do you get your management and team on board to implement your newly Anti-Corruption Management System?
This is a typical challenge we face when we are in the midst of completing/just completed our very own Anti-Corruption Anti-Bribery Management Sytem for our organisation.

Yes, our project team and our top management are aware of this. But for the organisation to understand, commit and practice it is another story.

We cant expect them to read and understand it themselves. Sending an email Memo just doesn’t cut it. We are talking about implementing, committing to it and making the system as effective as possible.

The feasible solution:
Get them to join a session that explains about what we have developed. What are the requirements stated by our government? Our enforcement agency? What are the impacts that could possible happen? What are the Do’s and Don’ts for our company?

Developing a detailed documentation is the initial stage; making them aware and understand it would be the next.

We might be surprised by the feedbacks, suggestions we receive from them afterwards. After all, what is a document worth if it is kept hidden in a locked drawer? Yes, I’ve experienced that before too.

Last week I had the opportunity to help develop a custom Anti-Corruption Management System to a new client; an international engineering consulting firm on their Anti-Corruption Management System with guidance of ISO 37001 and MACC 2009 section 17A CLP Ministerial Guidelines on Adequate Procedures Malaysia. Next phase would be this week.

During the Q&A session, a number questions started pouring in; discussions and new ideas were thrown in to improve their control measures and practices. Appreciate the charisma and professionlism shown by the whole team!

Thanks to HHC and VERAISO for the opportunity to be part of the consultation team.