ISO 37001 compliance program : Key Elements Requirements to Anti-Corruption Anti-Bribery Management System


Organizations should include the following elements in their ISO 37001 compliance program:

1 . A code of conduct:

Organizations should develop a code of conduct that outlines their commitment to preventing bribery and corruption. The code should include details on the organization’s stance on bribery, its anti-bribery management system, and any applicable laws and regulations.


2 . Policies and procedures:

Organizations should develop policies and procedures that outline the steps they will take to prevent bribery and corruption. These policies and procedures should be regularly reviewed and updated.


3 . Risk assessment:

Organizations should conduct a risk assessment to identify bribery and corruption risks. This will help them determine the scope of their anti-bribery management system and develop controls to mitigate identified risks.


4 . Training and awareness:

Organizations should provide awareness and training to employees to ensure that they are aware of the organization’s anti-bribery policy and procedures.


5 . Monitoring and review:

Organizations should monitor and review their anti-bribery management system to ensure that it is effective and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


6 . Third-party risk management:

Organizations should implement due diligence processes for suppliers and customers to ensure that they are not associated with bribery and corruption.


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