Smart Manufacturing : Intervention for Digital Transformation Consultancy

March 2022 – Today mark our first meeting with the Managing Director and his team for an intervention operation and management project; a first step towards understanding their processes and challenges faced by the international company that provides solutions for Aerospace & Defense industry since 1980s.

Their presence are in Malaysia, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, Europe and North Africa, producing semiconductors, integrated electronics chips and transformers to name a few.

Our task job this time is to provide solutions to fit their supply chain management. The solution shall be a combination of Industrial Revolution 4.0 pillars ; which is Cloud Computing, iOT solutions, Data Analytics with Business Intelligence Visual Board, Cloud Computing, ERP and System Integration.

This is part of the Smart Manufacturing Initiative and Readiness Assessment for Grant Application with MITI and MPC.

Our team for this project is headed by Mr Kamaruzzamn Jahidin (Solution Architect) and Azlan Abdullah (Data Analyst).