Smart Manufacturing Professional Certification- SMRi: UiTM

I’ve been invited to be part of the think tank team from Smart Manufacturing Research Institute (SMRi) UiTM, in helping SMEs adapt and adopt Smart Manufacturing technologies to increase efficiency, performance and quality of services/production.

Together we will come up with several professional certifications for working professionals and fresh graduates both technical and management level.

The modules will not only include the technical side, but also several iso management aspects including iso 9001, iso 45001, iso 14001, iso 27001 and even iso 37001 & iso 37000 on governance and integrity. That’s going to be my input and expertise for this project.

We can’t deny there’s a constant evolution of business and IT landscapes that includes hybrid working environment. And with Malaysia’s RMK plan to prepare itself for 42.7 million population in the next 10 years especially on workforce competencies will definitely be a challenge. Malaysia’s population now is about 32 million, and we are already struggling in all aspects of life you can think of.

Integrity needs to be part of the pillars, alongside with other professional practices and of course technical hands-on working skills. I hope that this will be part of the solution to prepare our next generation for a better sustainable nation.

We’ve identified the challenges, pain points faced by graduates and working professionals, and all these will be covered in our modules.

Super exciting project! Thanks SMRi !