What is ISO?

What is ISO exactly?  We see this on labels, on business cards, on company letterheads and even on certain business dealings.

The International Organization for Standardization, or a short term ISO, is a global non-profit organisation that promotes the use of standards in corporate growth and works to bridge the gap between a country’s public and private sectors.

ISO headquarters is situated in Geneva, Switzerland, and has issued more than 25,000 international standards and associated papers spanning every sector and form of organisation.

Simply put, ISO is a standards recognised worldwide by more than 90% of the countries (roughly 167 members countries) that its sole purpose is to create guidance in planning, implementing and practice it the best possible acceptable way.

It can either be a standard management system or a Technical Specification guidelines. What better way of doing business and conduct an operation when we are following a recognised standard that offers best practices worldwide?


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